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Steam adds 7 free games you can download and keep this June

Steam adds 7 free games you can download and keep this June

Grab yourself a free game on Steam right now

June is here and with it comes plenty of free games from everyone’s favourite PC storefront, Steam. In fact, we have seven games to download and play this month, one of which features a massive discount to celebrate Pride.

Steam often dishes out some freebies here and there and it’s a great way to bulk out your library.

Tell Me Why headlines Steam's free games this June to celebrate Pride month

First up, to celebrate Pride and everything LGBT+ we have Tell Me Why, which is reduced to zero money and can be added directly to your library now.

This narrative journey from DONTNOD takes you through a supernatural story of twins looking to reveal secrets from their troubled past.

There’s a derpy werewolf waiting for you in The Werecleaner, a game where you play as a werewolf janitor who is working the night shift and must tidy the officer without killing and eating anyone.

Crimson Hell is a survival horror game filled with puzzles and a twisting story that which a young journalism student must survive. Its retro visuals look gritty and grimy - perfect for a horror story.

Next up is Reborn, an idle roguelike where you will switch between battling monsters and running a small settlement. This feels like a SNES throwback filled with charm.

If you like a tower defence challenge then Lesson Learned: Cult of the Elizabeth is worth checking out. You can play this dreamy strategy game on your own of with a friend in co-op.

Clash for Crust is a multiplayer party game where each player takes control of a seagull and fights over crusts of bread, as seagulls love to do. It looks hectic and silly, perfect for a night in with buds.

The last game on offer is Free Chess which is, well, Chess. Do you really need me to sell you on this one?

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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