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Steam drops 3 free downloads you can claim now, no subscription needed

Steam drops 3 free downloads you can claim now, no subscription needed

Get yourself some free stuff on Steam

Steam is the ever-giving beacon of free stuff for PC gamers and Steam Deck owners. Rarely a week goes by when you can’t blag something for nothing.

Usually, it’s free games, sometimes a nice demo to while away the hours, but it can also be something to make your experience of Steam more your own.

Steam Deck is a great way to play PC games without shelling out for an expensive rig.

If you’ve been buying from Steam over the past couple of years you’ll have noticed you will accrue Steam Points. These are reward points for spending money on the platform and can be redeemed for some lovely customisation options.

Here are three such options, all decked out in a gorgeous pink and purple hue with some cartoon features; you have an animated avatar that turns a smiley emoji into a skull; a lovely animated looping frame to go around your avatar; plus an infinity loop that also features motion, as a sticker.

These are all free to claim from the points shop, so you won’t have to part with any Steam Points on this one.

The points shop is a great place to spend your points and find backgrounds for your profile, stickers to use in Steam Chat, or cute animated avatars from your favourite games.

As a PC gamer and Steam Deck owner, I’ve found myself browsing the Points Shop more and more. While I don’t use the chat features of Steam, the animated emojis and stickers could light up a conversation.

I do like to personalise my profile somewhat and have featured several of my recent favourite games including Loop Hero, Vampire Survivors, and Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective. It’s a nice way to showcase your favourites and spread a bit of love.

For Steam Deck owners, you can get some really lovely startup videos for the Deck that make it feel more personalised.

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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