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Steam drops 18 free games for you to kick off 2024

Steam drops 18 free games for you to kick off 2024

18 free Steam games to kick off 2024

New year, new me. By which I mean I will change precisely nothing about myself, and probably double down on what I like doing: playing video games.

Fortunately you can be just like me, and kick off 2024 with a bunch of new free games. All you need is a Steam account, a PC, and a positive attitude. That third one is optional, to be fair, but it helps.

Take a look at the trailer for one of 2024's most exciting games below!

The latest free games on Steam aren't exactly AAA bangers or some of the very best 2023 had to offer, but there are some neat looking smaller titles that are definitely worth your time.

You can find the full list of 18(!) free games below:

  • Conquest of Empires 2 - Like Age Of Empires but you don't have to pay for it. Also not as good.
  • Arkanoid - Eternal Battle - A genuinely original looking arcade battle royale.
  • Forgotten Symphony - A retro-style walking simulator with an emphasis on exploration and puzzles.
  • Tiny Survivors - A really fun looking top-down auto battler. I'm definitely checking this one out.
  • Politon - A free prologue for a strategy game, includes the tutorial and a chunk of the main story.
  • VFurrika! - "an addictive puzzle game that combines the charm of your favourite VFur streamers with strategic gameplay." Alright then.
  • Grapple Tournament - A genuinely impressive-looking shooter with fun grapple mechanics.
  • FASTER - a kind of parkour battle royale where the aim of the game is to keep your speed up or die.
  • World War: Rome - A simple turn-based strategy game. Can you guess the theme?
  • Pirates Of Heaven - I won't lie to you, this one has mostly negative reviews so maybe don't bother.
  • Dungeon Mage - An adorable looking Dungeon crawler.
  • Screamdown - a first-person multiplayer horror in which the aim is to scream into your mic as loud as you can to blow enemies away. Wow.
  • The Finals - You've probably already heard of this one, because it's absolutely massive at the moment. The hot new battle royale of the moment is definitely worth a look.
  • Build Master: MarsVille -A city-building and strategy game that invites you to create your Martian colony with your engineering genius and building skills.
  • Killfish - In this Action/FPS game, you'll dive into a captivating world where robots have taken control on a factory.
  • DreadMoon - Take the form of a powerful werewolf and right the wrongs your people made to free the land from the vampire lord Balthazar’s deadly clutches.
  • Duels of Fortune - A fast-paced, explosive fighting game with an expressive combo system and a diverse character roster.
  • Knight's Path: The Tournament - Knight's Path: The Tournament is a short medieval RPG featuring challenging combat, an immersive progression system, and a nice little story.
Featured Image Credit: Valve

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