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Steam 12 free games you can download for December, no subscription needed

Steam 12 free games you can download for December, no subscription needed

Check out these free Steam games now

Who wants a free video game, scratch that, how about 12 free video games to keep you nice and cosy this December? If so, we’ve got you covered.

Especially during the Christmas season, we may just want to switch off from our worldly woes and video games can offer a distraction like no other form of entertainment. So if you game on PC, more specifically on Steam then check out these free games below!

Check out the Pinball M - The Thing trailer below!

  • William and Sly - Classic Collection: “The world of William and Sly is yours to explore, seeking out collectables and secrets, while soaking in the tranquil visuals and melancholic soundtrack. In this pair of classic Flash games, you play as a fox, running and leaping through an atmospheric ecosystem entirely at your own pace.”
  • Age of Advent: “Welcome to the Age of Advent! Play four minigames based on the members of Hololive -Advent-! Save the Moai with Bijou, make a soup with Nerissa, try not to crash with FuwaMoco, and avoid the gaze of Shiori!”
  • Divergence: “Explore a mysterious island with the help of a time manipulation device. Rewind and diverge from your current timeline to combat the ancient guardians and discover the secrets behind Titans.”
  • Die in the Dungeon - Origins: “Fight your way through a mysterious dungeon in this deck-building, turn-based roguelike game where you don't use cards, but DICE! Deal with enemies by combining dice on your board, boost their effects with magical relics, and discover the story behind Die in the Dungeon!”
  • Chronical: “The power is at your fingertips! Take control of a powerful Chronomancer in this mysterious puzzle platformer. Explore the Chronical school to discover its secrets and learn new spells. Can you save all of the professors and reveal the mystery of the Time Loop?”
  • Beacon Patrol - First Horizons: “Beacon Patrol: First Horizons is a relaxing strategy game with endless possibilities. Steer your Coast Guard ship and build your coastal map one tile at a time. Get more tiles by exploring and keep building indefinitely as long as you can keep scoring.”
  • Zombie Killing Simulator: “Kill all the damn zombies in different game modes!”
  • Grappling Gunners - Arena FPS: “Grappling Gunners is a free multiplayer FPS with two grappling shots for high-speed gunfights and full freedom of movement. Utilise seven skills, including teleportation and bullet time.”
  • Pinball M: “Get ready to tilt into terror. The new horror-inspired pinball platform for fearless players. Prove your skills on the most sinister, gory, and badass tables ever brought to life.”
  • Bronzebeard's Tavern: “Bronzebeard's Tavern is a goofy and playful restaurant manager sim where 1-8 players can work as a team with multiplayer co-op. Fulfil several different roles, serve a diverse range of customers and cook up delicious dwarven cuisine.”
  • VDSC - Voltsland: “An Island, a bunch of dragons and guns. Volt Inu’s Sailor Club invites you to the greatest battle of your life. Fight 24 other players for Honor, Wealth and Power. Land in strategic locations, loot weapons and supplies to survive the battlegrounds and be the last to be victorious.
  • Lost Cat: “is a single-player, adorable, healing, adventure game. Try to collect enough fish while avoiding traps and monsters, and use your wits to clear the levels.

There you go, those are the free 12 games worth checking out this December and hopefully at least one game will tickle your fancy.

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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