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Steam drops 12 more free games, available to download now

Steam drops 12 more free games, available to download now

Don't miss out!

Another batch of free games is now available on Steam, and instead of having to comb through them yourself, we’ve done the hard bit for you.

So check out the 12 games you can download for free below on Steam, as well as a brief description for each game, some of them are well-worth checking out too.

Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree releases this week! Check out the trailer below

Blood Metal is described as a “brutal, experimental, single-player project featuring a full body-destruction model,” so it is essentially a first-person shooter packed with gore, like DOOM.

Quackdzilla: Pool Cleaning Simulator is a prologue to a pool-cleaning simulator game, a bit of an odd one but in a world of trucking, power washing and even lawn mowing, it was only inevitable that pool cleaning would get its own game eventually.

Ultimate Pirates is a city building and strategy MMO game set in a nautical pirate world - not much else to say apart from that.

Sky Conquest is an adorable 3D platformer that you can play with friends, either working together or competing for superiority.

Bugnauts is another 3D platformer, though this one has more of a Grounded feel where you traverse through levels battling bugs with a net.

Taxi Rush: Prologue is the opening level to a game that’s clearly heavily-inspired by the Craxy Taxi series, so if you’re a fan of wacky racing, this is one worth checking out.

Off Air is a chaotic first-person shooter that combines skill and style, as well as taking place in an ever-changing world.

MechaLeague is described as a “high speed online multiplayer cross platform VR game”. This free title features immersive movement mechanics as well as something all games need nowadays: grapple hooks.

Thunder Age is a tower defence game set in a “flooded future world”, where mankind has figured out a way to harness electricity “during the raging thunderstorms”.

Wind Rider is an endless gliding game where the obstacles in front of you are all randomly generated, you can either go for the high score or just vibe, what could be simpler?

Little Keepers is a tower defence game that’s made with couch co-op in mind. The official description reads: “Build your enemies, destroy your defences and restore chaos in the garden! ... Wait, it was the other way around.”

Above is a challenging game where you climb a mountain, testing your resolve, skills and endurance as you try to reach the top.

And there you have it, all of the above games can be downloaded for free right now on Steam, grab them while you can.

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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