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Pokémon meets Stardew Valley in beautiful new Steam game

Pokémon meets Stardew Valley in beautiful new Steam game

This game looks so cute and cosy

There are not many games that give us quite the adrenaline rush provided by the likes of Elden Ring but sometimes, we need a cute and cosy game to help us relax after intense adventures in the Lands Between, such as the indie title that is the topic of this article.

One game that can give you all the cosy vibes is the indie game developed and published by Toadzilla called Kimera. As soon as I watched the gameplay trailer with its soothing soundtrack, it gave me instant Pokémon and Stardew Valley vibes with added frog goodness.

Check out the Kimera gameplay trailer below!

Kimera is a cosy and laid-back game that only occupies a portion of your screen, allowing you to play while working, studying, or watching videos,” reads the description on the Steam store. “Explore a variety of worlds, each with its own unique creatures, challenges, and secrets. Discover a wide range of creatures to capture and build the most impressive collection.”

“Progress through the game by completing objectives to unlock new areas and encounter even more fascinating creatures. Each biome introduces a variety of new traits to collect and mix. Will you uncover all the secrets and become the ultimate Kimera master?”

By the looks of the Steam store, Kimera is the first game to be developed and published by Toadzilla and if the vibes given from the trailer are anything to go by, Kimera could be a great way to kick things off for the studio.

At the time of writing, Kimera does not have a release date but you can wishlist it on Steam to be notified of when it does launch. Hopefully, if Kimera proves to be a success, we’ll see it ported to other platforms because this would look gorgeous on the Nintendo Switch.

Featured Image Credit: Valve/Toadzilla

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