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Pokémon meets Animal Crossing in Steam's latest adorable free download

Pokémon meets Animal Crossing in Steam's latest adorable free download

Pokémon meets Animal Crossing? Count us in!

Could there be a more cuddly and cute combination than popular Nintendo franchises Pokémon and Animal Crossing? If that combo tickles your fancy, then you might want to check out this adorable Steam download right now.

For many years, the Pokémon and Animal Crossing series have been some of Nintendo’s most popular across multiple generations. While we’ve seen nearly countless amount of Pokémon games over the years, the most recent Animal Crossing game, New Horizons, was a massively important game for many through the COVID pandemic.

Check out the Weyrdlets trailer below!

In our 2020 review of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, we said: “While New Horizons doesn't do much - or anything at all, really - to win over anyone who didn't 'get' Animal Crossing previously, veteran fans and interested newcomers alike will find 2020's sweetest, most wholesome game yet.”

The game in question that has been inspired by the likes of Pokémon and Animal Crossing is the indie game developed and published by Weyrdworks, Weyrdlets. This charming indie game may not be released until later this year, but you can download the free Weyrdlets demo to play it right now.

Weyrdlets is a virtual pet game that harmonises relaxation with productivity. Collect adorable items, customise your pet and its home, and bring your loving companion to your desktop to boost real-life tasks, enriching your daily routine with a touch of joy and motivation!,” reads the description of the game on the Steam store.

Weyrdlets is only confirmed to be released on PC at the time of writing but if it goes on to be a success later in the year, hopefully, we’ll get some kind of port on PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed for a multi-platform release but in the meantime, you can wishlist Weyrdlets on Steam to be notified of its full launch.

Featured Image Credit: Valve, Weyrdworks

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