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Hogwarts Legacy meets Fallout Shelter in free Steam download

Hogwarts Legacy meets Fallout Shelter in free Steam download

Prepare to say "okey dokey" a lot while weaving magic

We’re suckers for games that combine experiences we love, which is why we’re already invested in the possibilities open to us in this Steam game.

Have you returned to Fallout Shelter only to pine for the whimsy of magic and spell casting? If you just answered yes, a new Steam game combines the management of Fallout Shelter with Hogwarts Legacy’s magic, as highlighted by PCGamesN.

“Are you ready to let your architectural creativity run wild? Build the wizard tower of your wildest dreams – whether that's a snowman-shaped tower, or something even more bizarre,” reads the description.

Build the tower of your dreams in Artificer's Tower

“The possibilities are endless, and the only limit is your imagination (and, you know, boxy rooms). So go ahead, unleash your inner wizard-architect, and design the tower you've always wanted!”

As someone who simply adores customising every element of a game, Artificer’s Tower sounds like the perfect way to spend an evening; curl up under a duvet, put your witch hat on, and start designing to your heart’s content.

Artificer’s Tower has only recently released, so reviews are few and far between. That being said, those who’ve played it already are more than satisfied with this cosy management sim.

One reviewer said, “A fun little game, and I am curious to see where it will take me. It has lots of micromanaging for this type of game [...] I enjoy the graphics and the fun little quirks of the game.”

Another player joked that they “forgot to eat” while playing they were that invested. We don’t advise you forget to eat; however, we also don’t advise missing out on such an alluring experience. What a conundrum!

If you want to play this promising title, it’s available to try for free via its free demo (which works on both PCs and MacBooks).

Should you enjoy the creativity you can unleash, you can purchase Artificer’s Tower for a reduced price of £10.23. But you’ll need to be quick as that discount ends on 25 April.

Featured Image Credit: RodentGames, Valve

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