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Free Steam game is No Man's Sky meets Minecraft

Free Steam game is No Man's Sky meets Minecraft

Astrometica's prologue is well worth checking out

If you’re looking for something new to play on PC, you may want to consider Astrometica - particularly if you’re a fan of both No Man’s Sky and Minecraft.

Developed by BeryMery, Astrometica is an upcoming base-building space sim that tasks you with surviving amidst some rather tough conditions.

“Immerse yourself in the vastness of space, the final frontier, where danger and intrigue lie in wait. Astrometica is an adrenaline-pumping space survival game that plunges you into the harshest environments imaginable, testing your ability to adapt, strategise, and persevere,” the synopsis teases.

“With a series of integrated systems - including an innovative battery system, an intuitive vehicle system, a robust crafting mechanism, and an exploratory research system - Astrometica ensures an enriching and immersive gameplay experience that goes beyond just survival.”

The game is targeting a Q3 2024 launch, which means it’ll be landing between July and September, but in the meantime - as pointed out by PCGamesN - you can enjoy the game’s prologue totally free of charge.

You can find Astrometica: Prologue over on Steam, and it’s a great way to see if the game is for you.

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In the prologue, you’ll be tasked with gathering raw materials in order to begin work on your base - the means to your survival.

“Elevate your resource gathering with advanced technology: deploy drills to bore into the heart of asteroids and set up automatic miners, sophisticated machines designed to autonomously extract raw materials.”

You’ll begin with basic laser cutting tools but before long, you’ll be able expand what’s available to you.

From shields to protect against hazardous gases to enlarged oxygen tanks, there are plenty of handy upgrades and items out there that should make surviving that bit easier.

As for the base-building, within this prologue, you’re probably going to want to begin with some basic living quarters supported by solar panels and a ventilation system.

You then, as recommended by devs, may want to consider adding a research lab and vehicle station.

You’re not alone in this galaxy. You’ll be able to pick up strange signals, leading you off to unknown adventures and challenges that may prove to be lucrative.

As I said, the prologue is totally free to enjoy so you may as well give it a whirl.

Featured Image Credit: RockGame

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