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Fallout: New Vegas meets Elden Ring in new game you can download free

Fallout: New Vegas meets Elden Ring in new game you can download free

The Lands Between meets the Wasteland!

Surface Dwellers and Tarnished are in for a treat with this upcoming RPG that you can check out for free right now which looks to be a delight for Fallout: New Vegas and Elden Ring fans.

When it comes to crafting immersive RPG worlds, perhaps no developers do it better than the likes of Obsidian Entertainment and FromSoftware. So when an RPG comes along that gives us vibes of such a dream concoction, you can bet your last pound coin that we’ll be interested.

Check out the Ardenfall trailer below!

The game in question is a first-person RPG called Ardenfall, developed and published by indie company, Spellcast Studios. Best of all, you can check out Ardenfall for free by downloading its playable demo for PC and it’s available via Steam right now.

Ardenfall is a choice-based RPG set in a world of intricate politics and ancient cultures. Walk in the shoes of a deadly assassin, a grizzled mercenary, a powerful mage, a silver-tongued thief, and anything else your role-playing heart desires,” reads the description of the game.

“Explore the rain-drenched wetlands and forgotten dungeons full of danger, meeting countless interesting characters with unique dialogue and quests along the way. You may start your adventure as a nobody, but the choices you make and the connections you form will propel you to fame… or infamy.”

Don't be fooled by its welcoming art style because judging by its trailer, Ardenfall looks to have challenging gameplay and deep RPG customisation. What’s more, I can't help but get some vibes of the BioWare classic, Jade Empire (will we ever get a new Jade Empire by the way?)

Sadly, at this time, Ardenfall does not have a release date nor does it look like it’s coming to consoles any time soon but hopefully, that will change. So for the meantime at least, Ardenfall is coming to PC only.

We’ll keep you posted when we hear of a release date or if it's announced at a later date that Ardenfall is heading to consoles. As they say, watch this space.

Featured Image Credit: Bandai Namco/Spellcast Studios

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