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Fallout meets BioShock in stunning Steam game, free to download and check out now

Fallout meets BioShock in stunning Steam game, free to download and check out now

You can check out this Fallout and BioShock-inspired game on Steam for free

BioShock and Fallout are two of the most beloved games of their genre offering immersive gameplay and stories that will keep you engaged throughout and talking about many years to come.

Speaking of years, it’s been years since we’ve had a major release in each of the BioShock and Fallout series. Not including DLC and remasters, the last entry in the BioShock series was BioShock Infinite in 2013. As for Fallout, not including the MMO Fallout 76, the last proper numbered entry was Fallout 4 in 2015. So to say that we’re due a new game in both series would be an understatement.

Check out the Atomic Heart trailer below!

Thankfully, we do know that Fallout 5 will arrive eventually, but it won't come until after The Elder Scrolls VI. As for the next BioShock game, we at least know that a new game is also on the way, but the BioShock 4 release date seems to be getting further and further away. Thankfully, until those times arrive we at least have the controversial Atomic Heart to play right now.

Developed by Mundfish, Atomic Heart is set in a: “sublime utopian world, taking part in explosive encounters. Adapt your fighting style to each opponent, use your environment and upgrade your equipment to fulfil your mission. If you want to reach the truth, you'll have to pay in blood,” reads the description of the game. If you’re yet to play Atomic Heart, now might be the perfect opportunity because its demo is free to download via Steam.

According to the Steam reviews, Atomic Heart currently has a “Very Positive” review rating and has scored as high as 75 on aggregate website Metacritic. So you know that you’re at least going to be in for a memorable experience with this BioShock and Fallout-inspired first-person shooter.

Atomic Heart is out now on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. What’s more, you can play Atomic Heart now via the Xbox Game Pass library and as a PS Plus Premium member, you can check out the two-hour free trial.

Featured Image Credit: Focus Entertainment

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