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Fallout 2 remake has over 100 developers working on it

Fallout 2 remake has over 100 developers working on it

It's full steam ahead for this remake

Fallout 4 is a decent game, but when it comes to the franchise, the earlier titles are where all the best action, story, and lore is at.

Undoubtedly, this is why so many are working on a Fallout 2 remake.

It’s been reported that over 100 developers are actively helping to bring this classic Bethesda game back to life; that’s quite the number for an idie project.

Check out the progress of the Fallout 2 remake thus far

Known as ‘Project Arroyo’, the fan-made remake is set to launch on Steam, with reports claiming it already looks incredible.

During an interview with the project lead, Damion Daponte, Daponte revealed the large number of creatives working on the title, as well as remarking on the “fast progress” being made.

Considering the long wait we have to endure for new Fallout games to arrive, it’s pleasing to know the fandom is on hand to make the wait more than bearable.

However, not all is rosy, at least not where some fans are concerned.

Even though Daponte has said they’re “leaning towards doing what Enderal: Forgotten Stories did and putting it on Steam”, not everyone believes it’ll be that simple.

“I don't see them being able to put it on Steam other than the workshop or whatever it's called [...] I'd be absolutely shocked if Bethesda/MS allowed them to make money off this on Steam, even if it would require people already purchase FO2 and FO4.”

Bethesda might not be as diligent as Nintendo when it comes to keeping its copyright secure. Still, it’s unlikely it’ll be okay with a remake for sale alongside the original.

Yet, as other Redditors pointed out, similar Skyrim expansions have managed to do this.

“Well, Nehrim and Enderal are already on Steam – those are total conversion mods for Oblivion and Skyrim, and you can get them through the Steam Store for free,” one user explained.

Whatever becomes of the remake – whether it’ll be free on Steam or forced to launch elsewhere – there’s a lot of people working to make this project happen.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks

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