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Bloodborne meets DOOM in stunning new Steam shooter you can check out free

Bloodborne meets DOOM in stunning new Steam shooter you can check out free

Upcoming horror shooter The Bornless should appeal to fans of both Bloodborne and DOOM.

Are you a fan of Bloodborne? Are you a fan of DOOM? Well, if you just answered yes to both of those two questions, you have very good taste my friend. You’re also in the right place as upcoming horror shooter The Bornless should be right up your street.

The Bornless is in development at Cathedral Studios. It’s somewhat of a mash-up of genres, borrowing from action, survival horror, multiplayer, and first-person shooter. The synopsis reads, “Welcome to The Bornless, an action horror FPS. Face off against other players, summon demons, and build factions in a Lovecraftian world. Use Black Magick, acquire powerful weapons, upgrade your Safehouse, and strategise to survive.”

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You know you’re going to be entering a deliciously dark world when the word ‘Lovecraftian’ is involved. As the synopsis suggests, players will utilise Black Magick in order to battle both other players and a number of terrifying demons, upgrading safehouses to better their chances of survival. The game is played from a first-person perspective and you can either choose from a last man standing co-op mode, or a ‘demon vs discipline’ mode.

It’s not clear exactly what the latter consists of, but it sounds intense. You can actually conjure demons to aid you in combat so they’re not simply your foes which could add a unique and fun twist. The Bornless also rewards both aggressive and more cautious playstyles.

Seasonal competitive tournaments will be held, plus there are faction quests that should also keep you busy. The game doesn’t have a launch date just yet but it is currently in playtesting. You can request access to the playtest on Steam and while this doesn’t guarantee access, it does mean that you’re on the list when devs are ready to welcome in more players. The Bornless is expected to launch in full later in 2024.

Featured Image Credit: Cathedral Studios

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