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Indiana Jones game has "got the whole Nazi killing thing down", says Todd Howard

Indiana Jones game has "got the whole Nazi killing thing down", says Todd Howard

Grab your whips because Indy is further along in development

Have you been waiting for an update on the Indiana Jones game? Of course you have – there are no other massive game releases at the forefront of our minds. None whatsoever.

Obviously, Starfield is the game on everyone’s lips, mind, and, at this point, in their souls. However, while Bethesda’s sci-fi RPG is all anyone can talk about, with Baldur’s Gate 3 a very close second, there are some patient gamers waiting for Indy news.

Watch the teaser for the Indiana Jones game for a sneak peek.

It was back in 2021 when Bethesda announced an Indiana Jones video game was in the works. Since that moment, fans have taken whatever information they can find, though the updates haven’t exactly been rolling in with Bethesda focused elsewhere. The last big update we got about Indy’s gaming adventure was when the devs confirmed it would be an Xbox exclusive. That is, until now.

During an interview with GQ, Bethesda’s Todd Howard said, “They’ve [MachineGames] got the whole Nazi killing thing down,” he says, “and they’re doing a really great job.” Okay, so it’s not quite the earth-shattering update any of us wanted, at least, not straight from Howard’s mouth. Still, according to that same interview, Howard and MachineGames are said to be “midway through" production.

Progress seems promising. However, as a couple of Redditors explained, sometimes it’s best to assume artistic license has been used to describe current development timeframes. “I don’t think it’s meant to be taken as the game is exactly halfway through development. I wouldn’t look into it any more than to say they’re deep in the process,” said This_Plantain4279. User realblush was also in agreement, saying, “Yeah, executive producers are also not insanely involved in the actual game making. This rather means half of his work is done, and that also is not linear, so it gives us no indication on time.”

As unusual as it is for Reddit, those are some wise words. The truth of the matter is that we still don't have solid details about what's happening. After all, Howard and co are more than busy with Fallout 5, and figuring out how to make Elder Scrolls VI a “fantasy world simulator”.

For those interested in being able to play a Bethesda game anytime soon, Starfield is out on 6 September.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks, Paramount Pictures

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