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Starfield hater slams screenshots that turn out to be official NASA images of Mars

Starfield hater slams screenshots that turn out to be official NASA images of Mars

Well, looks like God messed up with their choice of graphics on this one, folks!

You can count on one thing, without fail, when a new game is about to launch: haters jumping to conclusions. One Starfield hater jumped the gun way too early, slamming what they thought was in-game footage, only for it to be revealed the images are from NASA. Oh yes, somebody fumbled the ball real nice, and, as is customary online, was roasted because of it.

To be honest, this kind of roasting seems more than fair given how quickly this particular fanboy rushed to damn Bethesda’s graphics, without even checking where the images were from. However, if you look at the tweets that show this whole saga, you can clearly see where NASA is mentioned in earlier tweets. Naturally, Reddit has some thoughts.

Enjoy the beauty of Starfield's music while you roast another hater

“F**king Mars with its p*ss poor graphics,” is a strong contender for best Reddit comment, thanks to user Salty_Impression_985. As too are the words of another user, who said, “God really needs to bring out a graphics update. Earth has outdated graphics, it's literally billions of years old and it still looks the same just with some add-ons.”

As amusing as those comments are, as well as numerous others, it exposes what one person has dubbed “Starfield derangement syndrome”, which refers to the way certain gamers have gone out of their way to hate anything remotely Starfield related. Hell, they’re hating on things they just assume are related to the game, as we can see from this recent Reddit roasting. This isn’t a case of genuine concerns after discovering PC performance leaks, this is about tearing into a game without knowing much about it beyond rumours, leaked images, and the unfounded conviction that they’re right and everyone else is wrong. It’s hilarious to behold, but also really sad.

There’s not long before that review embargo lifts and Early Access is available, meaning the floodgates are going to open in speculator style. But for now, let’s enjoy the mistake of a desperate hater who went out of their way to remind us that “real life has shitty graphics”. Poetic, is it not?

Starfield will open in Early Access on 1 September, and launch on Xbox and PC on 6 September.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks

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