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Stardew Valley gets brutal new mode you can download now

Stardew Valley gets brutal new mode you can download now

Stardew Valley has been given a brutally challenging new mode

Stardew Valley, a game that prides itself on being a chilled-out, farming simulator, now has a hard-mode.

While there are plenty of phenomenal farming sims on the market these days, it’s no wonder Stardew Valley is the king of them all.

Check out Stardew Valley below

For one thing it’s absolutely gorgeous, and has more than enough content to warrant an endless playthrough, or repeat playthroughs depending on what type of experience you’re after.

However one thing that doesn’t get associated with Stardew Valley is difficulty, as it’s supposed to be an approachable game made for everyone, until now.

If you’re playing on PC you can download a new mod that adds a harder mode to the game, and it’s actually really funny.

The mod’s creator nightshademagia shared it on Twitter, or X if you’d prefer that, including the harsh punishment for not following its rules.

Turns out that you can play the game as you would in any other playthrough, nothing in-game is changed or different, but if you open the Stardew Valley wiki page the mod will delete your entire farm and make you start over from scratch.

This essentially adds a permadeath mode to the game, but only punishes you when you innocently ask for help.

Basically if you download this mod and don’t know the game inside and out, it’s either going to be a complete nightmare, or the most immersive “build your own farm from scratch” experience ever made.

So if you play on PC and fancy testing your own knowledge or problem-solving skills, this is the mod for you, though I think I’ll stick to the vanilla version of the game personally.

There are plenty of other mods you can download for Stardew Valley, many of which make an already near-endless game go on that little bit longer, with map expansions, new quests, new dungeons and more.

Stardew Valley is available for Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC platforms.

Featured Image Credit: ConcernedApe

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