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Stardew Valley fans surprised with free download of adorable farming sim

Stardew Valley fans surprised with free download of adorable farming sim

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If you love Stardew Valley and other relaxing farming sims, this one is definitely worth a look, and it’s free…

Stardew Valley is the undisputed king of farming simulator games, and rightfully so as it’s fantastic, but there are plenty of others out there to try when you’re getting a little bored of it.

Take a look at Stardew Valley below

The one we’re talking about today is called Sprout Valley, a delightfully cute game that’s got shared DNA with Stardew Valley, but stands out in its own way through its charming visuals and adorable characters.

Its official description reads: “Sprout Valley is a charming farming simulator game where you can step back from the busy life and grow the garden of your dreams. Captivating story, hand-crafted experience.”

Whether you’re into a more chilled out farming experience or want to learn all the mysteries of the island it's based on, there’s bound to be something for you to enjoy with Sprout Valley.

There’s a free demo of the title available right now on Steam, though the full game isn’t expensive by any means. Unfortunately it’s not very compatible with Steam Decks, though if you want to play it portably there is a way of doing so which we’ll get to shortly.

That being said you can grab the entire thing for free via right now, and it even plays in your browser so you don’t have to download it if you don’t want to.

Sprout Valley is also available on Nintendo Switch, so if you’d rather play on the go then that’s the port you’ll want to grab.

All in all Sprout Valley is an adorable title that should be any Stardew Valley fan’s cup of tea, and since it’s currently free-to-play there’s no better time to give it a go for yourself.

Featured Image Credit: ConcernedApe/RedDeer.Games

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