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Some GTA fans aren’t convinced the upcoming trailer is GTA 6

Some GTA fans aren’t convinced the upcoming trailer is GTA 6

Rockstar Games fans aren't convinced the GTA 6 trailer is coming in December

Exciting times await us as we approach the final month of the year, including a few more AAA releases to round–off 2023, as well as a look back on some of its heavy hitters with The Game Awards.

Adding to the excitement, Rockstar Games recently announced to celebrate the company’s 25th anniversary with a glimpse into the future, a teaser trailer for the long-awaited GTA VI.

Check out this stunning recreation of GTA: Vice City below

The trailer will drop sometime in December, with many believing it could be featured as part of The Game Awards, whereas others believe Rockstar will release it via its on social media and website, as it did with Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA V.

As fans get more and more hyped for the big reveal, still combing through the latest leaks and rumours regarding the game in the meantime, others are less optimistic. In fact, some believe the trailer Rockstar Games is planning to show off will actually have nothing to do with GTA VI at all.

The scepticism was brought up in a discussion on the GTA6 subreddit, when user Outrageous_Creme_455 made a post saying they “can't believe there are people who actively think this trailer coming in December isn't legit.”

They went on to acknowledge how some were clearly joking, but the ones that weren’t are letting it affect their excitement because they’re “sure it's not the real deal", despite Rockstar clearly saying “next Grand Theft Auto” in their announcement tweet.

Some commenters blamed all the false alarms and rumours surrounding GTA VI, saying fans are “traumatized” to the point they’re reluctant to believe.

Others claimed it wasn’t a far cry to expect less from Rockstar given how it fed off a “single game for 10 whole years.”

Finally one said logically it has to be a GTA VI trailer in the works, as “every single word in a tweet like that would have been looked over,” and if the new trailer turned out to be any else but GTA VI, “the stock price would plummet.”

Hopefully, they’re right, if we come to the end of December still without a GTA VI trailer, you best believe fans won’t be happy.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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