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Skyrim's strangest mystery did not have the solution we'd imagined

Skyrim's strangest mystery did not have the solution we'd imagined

This... this isn't what we pictured when we daydreamed of a solution

Remember when we all discovered what was really happening with one of Elden Ring’s biggest mysteries? Well, if you thought that “solution” wasn’t satisfying, this Skyrim one is going to irk you even more.

In Elden Ring, one of its longstanding mysteries was finally solved after two years, and with it came the realisation that it wasn’t a mystery worth solving. It was better left as a curious enigma. No doubt that’s how Skyrim gamers are feeling after discovering that the game’s strangest mystery has an equally weird conclusion.

This conundrum has taken six years – six – to solve, yet it's arguably the least satisfying piece of information we’ve learnt about the Bethesda RPG.

In case you need reminding of how incredible Skyrim is, here's its official trailer

Players will have undoubtedly noticed unusual bug jars in different map locations throughout Skyrim; while the jars look the same, the bugs vary. Ever since these specimens were discovered, fans have been certain that it’s some hidden bit of lore or secret quest, but without any luck at getting closer to the truth.

Then a discussion between YouTuber Camelworks and the developers put the matter to rest once and for all. There is no meaning. All the jars, the bugs – they’re leftovers the devs forget to sweep from the cutting room floor.

It hurts to know such seemingly important items have zero meaning whatsoever. Oh, they did early on during development, but then Bethesda scrapped the idea and left the remnants behind. What secret quest the jars were originally connected to is, no one can say.

Such an answer is so upsetting that some players are refusing to believe it, instead choosing to believe that this is a cover up answer and that the truth is still out there. But even the die-hard Mulders amongst the fandom must admit that, if there is some other truth to be discovered, it’s taking its sweet time.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks

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