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Red Dead Redemption 3 likely happening without our favourite character

Red Dead Redemption 3 likely happening without our favourite character

Roger Clark weighs in on potential Red Dead Redemption 3 characters

Red Dead Redemption 3 seems like a lifetime away, but there’s no doubt that it’s on the cards, probably Rockstar Games next project after GTA VI

However that hasn’t stopped fans from speculating what on Earth a third game would be about, since Red Dead Redemption 2 was a prequel to the first game.

Check out the teaser for GTA VI below

Without getting into spoilers the amount of characters Rockstar has to work with has dwindled quite a bit, so if a third game was to happen surely it’d have to follow a new cast, unless it turns out to be another prequel.

One thing is certain though, Arthur Morgan won’t be a part of it, at least that’s what his actor Roger Clark believes.

Clark recently took to Twitter to talk about the longevity of GTA V Online, and how he doesn’t think “GTA VI won’t replace it, they’ll both be around for us all to enjoy.”

One fan took the opportunity to ask about Red Dead Redemption 3, specifically if “Arthur will be the main character or side character.”

Clark’s response was short but simple, stating he’s “ certain we will see Red Dead Redemption 3 one day. When that will be - I have absolutely no idea. Don’t count on Arthur’s involvement either. His story has been told, I feel.”

Sad news, but not exactly surprising. In fact many players are hoping for a game that follows Sadie Sadler as the protagonist rather than another member of the gang.

Don’t worry though Arthur Morgan fans, as Roger Clark recently reprised his role as the loveable rogue to teach you all about US history for an audiobook, and it’s well-worth checking out.

In the meantime, join us as we pray for an announcement of the first Red Dead Redemption game finally getting a proper PC port, please and thank you.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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