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PS5, Xbox Series X branded 'failure' as more last-gen ports announced

PS5, Xbox Series X branded 'failure' as more last-gen ports announced

You can't please everyone.

Some have slated the current generation of consoles as a “failure” in light of more previous-gen ports being announced.

In case you missed it, it was very recently confirmed that Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is actually going to be released on PS4 and Xbox One. Who’d have thought? Not me. Well before the game’s release on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S in April, it was confirmed that it’d be skipping previous-gen consoles in order to allow the devs to craft a better new-gen experience for players. This made sense, even though it was obviously disappointing for anyone who’d not got a PS5 or Series X/S.

Take a look at the trailer for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor below.

Jedi: Survivor’s PS4 and Xbox One ports are currently in the “early stages of development”, so it’s not known how long it’ll take before they release. However, all in all, it sounds like a win-win for everyone - Respawn Entertainment was able to fully focus on optimising the title for new-gen consoles prior to its initial release, and now that that’s done, the team can make sure that even more people can experience Cal Kestis’ latest adventure. However, not everyone is happy.

Following the announcement, a number of gamers have been expressing their frustration at the state of the current console generation on Twitter: “We absolutely have to admit the current console gen is a failure,” one wrote.

Others feel the same: “Thank you, three years in and still, barely any games take advantage of current gen capabilities, they raised the cost for these games too, biggest scam,” another tweeted. “Part of the problem is that with each successive generation there's diminishing returns on things like graphics too. The average consumer doesn't care/can't tell the difference between this and last gen. So why bother upgrading,” agreed another. “Failure is harsh but not far off in my opinion. While I think there are some great games out there on the new systems, there's very few games that justify a $500 console. Most games are playable on Xbox One and PS4 anyways but I hope this will be an important lesson learned,” another user replied.

It’s fair to say that the number of games actually exclusive to new-gen systems is pretty small, although it is starting to grow. Later this year, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will release exclusively on PS5, for example. Hopefully, those currently dissatisfied will feel that their pricey new-gen console purchases were worth it sooner rather than later.

Featured Image Credit: Kerde Severin via Unsplash, Microsoft/Xbox

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