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Two PS1 classics are getting the remasters we've been waiting for

Two PS1 classics are getting the remasters we've been waiting for

The past brought back to life

PlayStation is experiencing something of a classics revival at the moment, as two more retro titles are purportedly coming our way.

With the PlayStation 2 officially back from the dead, at least as far as being able to play its games on modern consoles are concerned, we’re in the midst of a video game renaissance.

The process is a slow one, yet we feel it’s worth the wait when classics such as these PlayStation 1 titles are currently being remastered.

Check out the Fear Effect announcement.

As announced by Limited Run Games, Tomba 2: The Evil Swine Return is being remastered, as is Fear Effect.

Both of these PS1 experiences are unique in their own right, though it’s fair to say that Fear Effect made more waves during its original release due to its graphics.

“A lost classic finally returns,” Limited Run Games’ trailer announces.

Fear Effect challenged assumptions on game aesthetics and art style when it debuted on PlayStation, and decades later its extraordinary blend of cell-shading and motion video still dazzles the eye… and the mind.”

As for Tomba 2, well, that also made its mark.

Tomba! 2 refined that brilliant design, adding even more freedom of movement, incorporating more inspiring new quests, and throwing in a flying squirrel suit for good measure.”

It’s been a long time coming, but fans are hyped to get these retro beauties back.

On YouTube user said, “Yes!! Thank you for this! One of my favourite games on PS1. Will support this and hopefully Retro Helix also gets green lit!”

A Tomba! fan also exploded with glee after seeing the remaster reveal, saying, “Yes, yes, GOD YES! TAKE MY MONEY, LIMITED RUN AND WHOOPEE CAMP!”

A firm launch date for both of these projects hasn’t been confirmed yet, though Limited Run Games has said the titles are coming to “consoles near you” in 2025.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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