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SOCOM PlayStation 5 revival accidentally confirmed early

SOCOM PlayStation 5 revival accidentally confirmed early

SOCOM is back. Or is it?

The games industry seems to be experiencing a series of leaks recently, with the latest hinting at the return of a beloved franchise.

SOCOM rumours have run rampant since 2019, after it was reported a new shooter was being worked on. From there, the SOCOM speculation grew; the last anyone heard was that the series had made an unexpected return. It wasn’t the revival news gamers had hoped for, but it felt like a fine start.

Let's throw it back it all the way back to the SOCOM US Navy Seals trailer!

Now it would seem fans are finally getting the confirmation of the PlayStation 5 revival they so desperately want. On the resume of late actor David Veach, it lists “SOCOM 111” under motion capture work, as well as listing Veach as a “co-star” for this Sony project.

Fans have taken to Reddit to dissect what this resume listing could mean, with some positing it’s a simple typo in which it should read SOCOM III instead. However, those who’ve taken the time to search every inch of the credits of that title will note that Veach’s name doesn’t appear once.

It’s an odd situation that the fandom finds themselves in. On the one hand, many assume it must be a typo, given the fact that Veach passed away in 2022. But on the other hand, people are arguing that he could have done “some mocap work for a newer game” prior to his death, but that project seemingly didn’t go anywhere.

The discourse continues in earnest. For all those who cry “debunked”, others are hopeful that a new SOCOM is in fact on the way. It could be that a new PS5 title is on the way, or that a remaster of the old games is on the cards. That being said, without official confirmation from Sony, this is one of those “leaks” that will stay a rumour/mystery for the foreseeable future.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Computer Entertainment

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