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PlayStation update launches major new feature that'll make our lives much easier

PlayStation update launches major new feature that'll make our lives much easier

We don't want to oversell it, but this is gonna change lives

Allow me to begin by saying anyone who doesn’t see this as a major update clearly hasn’t felt the dread and annoyance at not being able to remember your own password when signing in.

We know password managers exist, and we do use them, but it isn’t a flawless operation we’ve perfected just yet. Consequently, there are times when we need to log into our PlayStation account and are unable to do so without resetting our password.

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Anyone who says they’ve not also done this is lying.

Sony has now come up with a streamlined, more effective – and easier – way to gain access to your account without totally compromising your safety. Hello to a much easier life, my friends! Announced on 21 Feb, Sony made it clear that inputting passwords would become a thing of the past now that passkeys are here.

In a similar vein to how you set up passkeys to unlock your phone, one for your PSN is a way to utilise thumb and/or face ID to get you into your account rather than typing out digits. It’s an obvious update, one we’re amazed has taken Sony so long to implement.

This isn’t going to be an arduous switch over for most, however, PlayStation has created a dedicated webpage for the process should passkeys seem alien to you. What we will point out, simply to save you from having to read all the details now, is that your previous password will become void if you choose to use passkeys instead.

Such news comes at an ideal time when the PS5 Slim is experiencing a price cut, meaning if you’ve forgotten that precious password, passkeys could be coming to the rescue when setting up your new console.

Of course, you don’t need to wait for a new console to make the change, so do take a look at this quality-of-life improvement to see if it’s one you want to take advantage of.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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