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PlayStation Store trick nets you a completely free game, no PS Plus needed

PlayStation Store trick nets you a completely free game, no PS Plus needed

Two for the price of one

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is almost here and if you’re a fan of the series or the original game, you’re going to want to play it. The new installment follows on from the previous Final Fantasy VII Remake and brings the acclaimed game into the modern era.

This second part in the new trilogy to remake the classic Final Fantasy VII is being praised far and wide, hyping up fans who have been looking forward to heading out into the open-world for the past few years. Well, if you want to play and somehow missed out on the first part, you can buy them both for the same price as Final Fantasy VII Rebirth with this little trick.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is one of the finest RPGs you can play

As reported on Twitter, you can actually buy both installments in the Final Fantasy VII Remake project for one price. As described by a user called ‘WiiDude’ they mention “there is a twin pack that's the exact same price as the pre-order that gets you Remake Intergrade FOR FREE.” Intergrade was an updated version of Remake that introduced Yuffie into the game with her own mini-campaign.

This deal is a great 150+ hours and two brilliant games for the price of one. If you have even a passing interest in the Remake project, and you don’t want to drift into spoiler times, then jump on this offer quickly. It’s not being widely promoted by Sony, so it could be a mistake on their part, or a genuine offer. Just be quick.

We recently reviewed Final Fantasy VII Rebirth giving it a high score and saying “The game’s final hours are some of the best gaming moments I’ve experienced in recent years. From fights that are as cinematic as any blockbuster movie, to quiet moments of emotion that filled my eyes with tears.”

Featured Image Credit: Sony, Square Enix

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