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PlayStation quietly releases free download a lot of us missed

PlayStation quietly releases free download a lot of us missed

No freebie gets left behind!

A shiny new collectible has appeared, and we want it. We want it badly.

Much like a Pokémon trainer, many PlayStation users long to catch ‘em all when it comes to PS digital collectibles.

But if you don’t always keep your eyes peeled, there are downloads you can miss.

Have you ever wondered what getting your own Lightsaber would be life? The Acolyte cast reveal all.

June’s PlayStation Plus lineup is a “oversized” one, and with that comes numerous possibilities for free store credit and other desirable freebies.

One such download may have flown under your radar though.

On Reddit, oryxis_ enquired about the Coins of the Classics freebie, alongside a video of the shining, spinning, gold coin.

“I found this at the bottom of this page but it's not on the app yet (US),” they said.

You may not have missed out on the Coins of the Classics, only missed it because it’s not yet available as a reward.

Fellow Redditor streetxrat94 commented, “It’s most likely going to release on June 11th when the new PS Plus classics get added.”

A second user then added, “Looks like it's [the download] only for people with PS Plus Extra/Premium.”

Given its name, it would make sense for this to be a special freebie aimed at those who spend that extra coin (see what we did there?) to play more retro titles. An opportunity that has been enhanced by PS2 games coming to the PS5.

Perhaps because of how “sick” this collectible looks, more subscribers will opt in for the classics moving forward...? Only time will time.

PlayStation may have quietly released this attractive collectible, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get it. It’s just too shiny to be ignored or overlooked!

June is right around the corner, and with it comes new PlayStation Stars Campaigns to participate in; likely, one of those campaigns will gift you the pretty prize of the Coins of the Classics.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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