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PlayStation Plus users condemn 'worst month' of free games in years

PlayStation Plus users condemn 'worst month' of free games in years

PlayStation Plus users have condemned November as the 'worst month' of free games in years.

Sony has found itself back in hot water after revealing the list of games that are arriving on its PlayStation Plus service this November. Despite a series of disappointing months, it appears as though the most recent is the worst by far.

Despite the arrival of 14 brand-new titles to the service, PlayStation Plus members are less than happy with the selection added to the catalogue this November. The titles include Teardown for day one release, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme vs. Maxi Boost On, Dead Island: Riptide Definitive Edition, Superliminal and Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising.

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If you have not heard of most of these, then you will understand why November is being labelled as the “worst month” of PS Plus by subscribers.

The subscribers in question recently took to Reddit to share their disappointment over the selection with one claiming it is “probably the worst month I’ve seen since the addition of Extra/Premium tiers.” It is especially disappointing considering the PS Plus service recently saw a price hike which has left members wondering why they are paying more for less desirable titles.

One user seemed to be joining the legions of subscribers who have been cancelling their memberships. “My Premium/Extra sub goes until April. If I could have canceled six months ago and get some type of pro-rated refund I would have. Most people buy one-year subs to save money. Give it some time and they'll see the numbers drop.”

However, Sony is showing no signs of improving the service. “I’m starting to think all these people that said they cancelled their subscriptions lied. Surely they wouldn’t be dishing out such garbage if they can see their numbers dropping?” they asked.

With many gamers choosing an Xbox Game Pass subscription instead, it remains to be seen if Sony will start improving its catalogue. If not, it will be a rocky future for the service.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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