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PlayStation Plus underrated free game is 'why I have my subscription', gamers enthuse

PlayStation Plus underrated free game is 'why I have my subscription', gamers enthuse

If you subscribe to PlayStation Plus then you should check out this underrated free game

One of the many joys of subscribing to services such as PlayStation Plus and Xbox Game Pass is that not only does it allow us to play some AAA big hitters, but also some indie darlings and underrated gems that we may have missed.

Take for example the endlessly charming indie game, Unpacking. As the name of the game suggests, it’s about unpacking, shocking. However, it’s one of the most relaxing games I’ve ever played presented with its gorgeous sprite visuals and soundtrack. It also tells a subtle yet wonderful story. If it wasn't for its inclusion on Xbox Game Pass, I may never have played Unpacking which also led me to purchase the game on Nintendo Switch.

Check out the Far: Changing Tides trailer below!

One other indie game that is worth checking out is Far: Changing Tides developed by Okomotive and published by Frontier Foundry. Released in March 2022, Far: Changing Tides went on to receive solid scores on the aggregate website Metacritic as high as 82. “An atmospheric vehicle adventure that follows the emotional journey of a boy and his ship as he embarks on a voyage to find a new home,” reads the description of the game.

In our review of Far: Changing Tides, we said: “Whether the freshness the new vehicle brings is enough for you to take a second trip, only you know - but even those who never experienced the barren flats of Lone Sails could well find the beauty in the compelling cataclysm of Changing Tides.”

A fan on Reddit has been discussing Far: Changing Tides and has wholeheartedly recommended it to fellow Redditor piers. “Games like Far: Changing Tides is why I have my [PS Plus] subscription,” exclaimed DG83GamingEnthusiast, kicking off the discussion on the thread.

“No, it was not life-changing, but that is kind of the point (and if it was for you that's amazing). I just wrapped up this game and I enjoyed it,” they continued in a lengthy post. “The puzzles were just challenging enough, the art direction is really cool, and the ship management was fun.”

“I also played this and was pleasantly surprised. I don't quite understand the people who ignore every game that isn't a big AAA title. There are so many good little gems out there,” replied SYRLEY with another user recommending to check out the first game in the series from 2019, Far: Lone Sails.

“Give Jett: The Far Shores a look for another vehicle exploration-based indie, that and Outer Wilds are also great if that’s any interest,” recommended Born_Again_Insect. “Tchia is also a wonderful indie experience with a pretty interesting traversal system if you’re looking for something a bit longer”

Far: Changing Tides is out now on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. It’s also currently available to PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium subscribers at no extra cost.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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