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PlayStation Plus subscribers outraged with latest Black Friday deal

PlayStation Plus subscribers outraged with latest Black Friday deal

Black Friday sales are live on the PlayStation Store, though users are appalled by the PlayStation Plus discounts.

The Black Friday sales are now live on the PlayStation Store, though users are appalled to see they’re not eligible for the PlayStation Plus discounts.

PlayStation has slashed the price of hundreds of popular games, accessories and more as part of its latest sale, including a reduction in price for PlayStation Plus memberships.

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Unfortunately, not everyone can take advantage of the deals, if you’re already subscribed to a tier of PlayStation Plus you don’t get the option to renew at the discounted price.

For example, if you’re subscribed to PlayStation Plus Extra, you can receive a discount for upgrading to PlayStation Plus Premium, but you can’t simply buy another 12 months of Extra to add on to your membership.

Fans are outraged by this decision, especially since previous years allowed you to extend your memberships at a discounted price, leading many to believe it’s an active choice by Sony to take advantage of the recent price hike.

Subscribers vented their frustration online, with one user NomNomAwesome, saying they’ve “always renewed” their PlayStation Plus membership on Black Friday for ”the past decade, as Sony always offers a good discount to new AND existing subscribers.”

Others were equally disgusted, with some saying you can get a discount on an existing membership, but only after jumping through a few hoops that PlayStation doesn’t tell you about.

Some subscribers are even considering it to be the last straw, and are content with cancelling their subscriptions or simply never renewing it until it improves.

One said “Guess I’ll be letting it expire for the first time in a while. Really a shame.”

Another added “Yeah. I decided that because of the middle finger they gave me, I won't be subbing for the next year.”

Finally one said “This is what happens when any company starts to feel like they are monopolizing. It becomes anti-consumer quite fast.”

The PlayStation Black Friday sale will last until 27 November.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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