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PlayStation Plus gets massive price cut for new and existing members, limited-time only

PlayStation Plus gets massive price cut for new and existing members, limited-time only

Days of Play's newest offer is now live

You may have heard by now that Sony’s annual Days of Play event is currently underway.

If this is the first you’re hearing of Days of Play, allow me to fill you in. This limited-time event is essentially a celebration of all things PlayStation, with Sony granting users to a series of free offerings and stellar deals.

One of those deals is what I want to highlight to you today.

You can currently bag a great discount on PlayStation Plus - and best of all, it’s for both new and existing users.

That latter part is important because too often these days, PlayStation Plus deals apply to new users only.

If you are a new user, the offer period runs from 29 May, today, to 9 June. If you choose to join PlayStation Plus during this period, you can get 30% off a 12-month membership across all tiers.

“Local promotional dates may vary for this deal, so please check the Days of Play web page for local details,” the offer urges.

Current members get to join in on the fun too.

PlayStation Plus extra users can enjoy Dredge as of today! Check out the game’s trailer below.

If you’re already a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you can currently benefit from 25% off an extra tier upgrade and 30% off a premium tier upgrade.

This offer runs from 29 May, today, until 12 June but again, check your local territories’ webpage to confirm that.

This is great if you’ve recently felt lured in by the tier above your own.

Personally, I’m an extra tier subscriber but the addition of PlayStation 2 titles to the premium tier has left me tempted to take advantage of this upgrade deal.

Additionally, all PlayStation Plus users can get 15% off content from Sony Pictures Core - again from today, May 29, through to 12 June.

Plenty of great deals to take advantage of!

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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