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PlayStation Plus gets bonus free game for August

PlayStation Plus gets bonus free game for August

Proper Tren

PlayStation Plus subscribers can claim a bonus free game for August, meaning you can technically grab four games instead of three. Aren't you lucky? Don't you just feel like you've been touched by the gods themselves?

July’s offerings weren't to be sniffed at, mind you. PlayStation Plus users were treated to Alan Wake Remastered, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, and Endling - Extinction is Forever. Don't forget you only have a couple more days to grab those titles. Endling is particularly incredible, although absolutely heartbreaking.

Anyway, on to August's games, which are: Death's Door, PGA Tour 2K23, and Dreams. While I'd rather staple my hand to the wall than pretend to care about golf in any way, I can tell you that Death's Door is a brilliant adventure inspired by The Legend Of Zelda and Dark Souls. Well worth checking out. The real headline, however, is Dreams.

For those who don't know, Dreams is basically thousands of games in one. Are all of them good? God, no. But there are some genuine gems in there, many of which are pretty much full gaming experiences in their own right.

With brings us to the bonus game for the month: a delightful little adventure called Tren.

"Tren is a remarkable toy engine that challenges you to solve a series of puzzles by getting it from one end of the track to the other," reads a post on the PlayStation blog. "Sound easy? You might think otherwise once you’re faced with the flips, tricks, and acrobatic feats required to complete some truly wild tracks."

Tren was first revealed by developer BeechCorp back in 2021, and was developed entirely inside Dreams: "At its heart, Tren is a game all about the joy of play – after all, while we all have to grow up eventually, you don’t have to lose that spark of childlike wonder."

Tren will be available to check out alongside Dreams when the new PlayStation Plus games drop 1 August.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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