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PlayStation Plus free games for September teased early

PlayStation Plus free games for September teased early

Return of the king

The PlayStation Plus Essential free games for September 2023 have been teased early in a comforting return to normality for fans.

Essential tier subscribers can currently grab PGA Tour 2K23, Dreams, and Death’s Door, the latter of which I would implore you all to play. Extra and Premium tier subscribers were brought a further 17 games in August, including Moving Out 2, Lost Judgement, and Destiny 2: The Witch Queen. PlayStation Plus will also being getting indie RPG Sea of Stars on 29 August, a game that looks absolutely stunning.

Take a look below!

If you're a keen follower of all things PlayStation Plus, you'll have noticed something: over the last few months noted leaker billbil-kun has completely stopped letting us know what the month's free games are.

Typically billbil-kun would appear from thin air one or two days before PlayStation could officially reveal the free games and let us know what they would be with 100 percent pinpoint accuracy. Nobody knew how they were doing it, but doing it they were.

Our friend has sine branched out to leak things like hardware bundles and game announcements, leaving their PlayStation Plus roots behind. However, they've now taken to Twitter (or X, if you were dropped on your head) to tease they'll be back tomorrow (August 28) to let us know what the PlayStation Plus free games for September are. They are, as they say, going "back to basics".

We will, of course, be back tomorrow to let you know what billbil-kun thinks (knows) what the free games for September are. They've not provided any hints, but people are already reading into the tweet and assuming that it'll be a bad month for reasons that don't really make a ton of sense.

As always, we have to say billbil-kun's tweet won't be official confirmation of what the free games are... but they've also literally never been wrong.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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