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PlayStation Plus free game is one of PlayStation's most underrated adventures

PlayStation Plus free game is one of PlayStation's most underrated adventures

This is a game not to be missed, especially now

An underrated gem of a game is coming to PlayStation thanks to PlayStation Plus, and we’re relieved to see it finally make its way here.

PlayStation Plus is a service with a mixed reputation, to say the least. Yet, despite its shortcomings and tricky starts, there are some truly wonderful games to be found, like Concrete Genie.

This delightful title typically costs casual PS players £24.99, but through the power of PS Plus you can reduce that price to nothing. It’s like magic, but less impressive to watch.

Make sure you see what story awaits you in Concrete Genie

Take control of Ash and explore all the wonders of this action-adventure title, using your unique abilities to battle your way through some tough times and persistent bullies; it might not sound wholesome, but we assure you it is.

This isn’t the only game we’ve been waiting for ages for – there are others too – but Concrete Genie is easily the more exciting one out of the others, at least for me personally. It’s not often you get to use monsters and magical creatures as a means to paint the town a different colour as you explore.

Unlike other PS Plus titles that can be found elsewhere, like on Steam, this particular hidden gem of a title is only available for Sony consoles. As such, now is the time to bite the bullet and pay for that PS Plus subscription if you don’t already.

We appreciate that not every month will deliver entertaining content quite like this, however, there’s something to be said for the great games you can still find on the service despite all its misfires.

March’s line-up is fast approaching, so be sure to check out Concrete Genie before it has the chance to leave the service. You know how fickle and changeable PlayStation can be.

Concrete Genie is available for free for PS Plus Extra users only.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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