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PlayStation Plus adds 5 new classic titles to its line-up, available now

PlayStation Plus adds 5 new classic titles to its line-up, available now

PlayStation Plus has added some new titles for Premium subscribers.

PlayStation Plus has once again updated its roster to include even more games you can download and play for free provided you’ve got the right membership.

This time around the additions will only be available to those subscribed to PlayStation Plus Premium, as they’re all classic games perfect for hardcore retro fans and new fans alike.

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RPG fans will no doubt want to try Secret of Mana and Legend of Mana, two fantastic Square Enix titles that are well worth trying if you play Sea Of Stars earlier this year. They’re fairly long games, clocking in at about 20 hours each for an average playthrough, but longer depending on how much exploring you do, and you’ll definitely want to explore as the worlds are wonderful.

For more fast-paced fun, you might be more inclined to play Rally Cross and Street Fighter: 30th Anniversary Collection. Rally Cross is your standard racing game, taking things off-road as you fight for first place. It was originally released on the PlayStation 1 so graphics haven’t aged the best, but it’s still a lot of fun. As for Street Fighter, this is a collection containing 12 games. It wasn’t well-received upon launch but if you’re a fan of fighting games and can access this one with your subscription, it’s worth checking out.

Finally, Star Wars fans will want to try Star Wars: Episode 1 The Phantom Menace. Based on the film, players will control Qui-gon Jinn, Obi-wan Kenobi and at times Padme Amidala, as they fight droids, alien thugs and the beloved Star Wars antagonist Darth Maul. The Jedi characters are obviously the most fun, as they hack down enemies with their lightsabers and can use force abilities to throw stuff around.

All of these titles are available now as part of your PlayStation Plus Premium subscription, and are well worth a go if you’re looking for your next retro adventure.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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