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PlayStation gamers urged to claim free store credit they're owed following bug

PlayStation gamers urged to claim free store credit they're owed following bug

Don't delay

If you’ve noticed a lack of PlayStation free store credit after purchasing a new game, now is the time to address your lack of funds. You're owed, after all.

A recent PlayStation bug has meant that players haven’t received the coins they’re due. So much for being able to claim easy free store credit this month!

However, according to PlayStation support, those coins are still yours, and will return once the bug is fixed.

The “main bug” is something support is aware of, and, as per their messages with Redditor DirtyCGaming, all missing coins will be restored once the system has ironed out the problem.

Naturally, players are doubtful.

Assassin's Creed Shadows is shaping up to be one heck of a game!

“I'm gonna save this image because I know that probably they won't give any points,” replied CharlyXero, referencing the screenshot the OP shared.

There are many other posts that mirror this concern. Others, however, are curious if any “compensation” will come their way.

User its_the_luge commented, “I wonder if we’ll get compensation like the time PSN got shutdown, lol.”

Good question; though one we doubt Sony is in a rush to answer.

Gamers are now trying to figure out their next move: either to risk it and trust what support has told them or wait it out until the bug has been fixed.

With Summer Games Fest announcing a string of highly anticipated games, fans want to spend their cash now, not later.

“E3/game fest season is when I usually spend the most money on games and pre orders,” explained another user. “I’ve probably racked up 2,000 points since the stars issue with all the new games being announced.”

We hope they’re able to claim all that free store credit back. Though the tenacity of Redditors knows no bounds, and so, even if they face resistance, they’ll likely get their coins in the end.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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