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PlayStation gamers should check their accounts for free store credit now

PlayStation gamers should check their accounts for free store credit now

Slowly but surely PlayStation gamers are getting the free credit they were owed

PlayStation gamers might want to double check their accounts, as it looks like previously owed free store credit is slowly but surely beginning to trickle in.

For those who might not be aware, PlayStation Stars is a (relatively) new service which gives you loyalty points. Points can be earned by playing certain games, making store purchases, and completing challenges that are typically relegated to the PlayStation Plus free games lineup. These points can, among other things, be redeemed as store credit or in exchange for free games etc.

It's actually pretty easy to build up points over time without even realising, as long as you're signed up to the service (which is free). You need 1,250 points to get £5 store credit or 5,000 points for £20 of store credit. But like I said, these are points earned by playing or buying games, so it's pretty much free money over time.

Unfortunately, there have been some errors with PlayStation Stars over the last month or so. Many gamers have reported not receiving their points from certain purchases, which is of course a bit of a slap in the face when the whole point of Stars is to be rewarded for buying things.

The good news, if you're one of the affected gamers, is that the points you're owed are now being added to your account. Over on the PlayStation Stars subreddit multiple gamers have confirmed that points earned over the last few weeks are ending up where they should - it's just taking a while.

There doesn't seem to be any particular logic to who is getting points for what or when they're being added. Some players have noted they've received points for some purchases but not others, while some say they now have everything they were owed.

Clearly patience is required in this particular scenario, but it does look like Sony is working through the backlog and getting folks what they're owed.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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