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PlayStation free store credit available right now for playing these free games

PlayStation free store credit available right now for playing these free games

Who wants free PlayStation store credit?

It’s always nice to get some freebies when it relates to our beloved video games whether it be grabbing an entire game or claiming free store credit to spend on whatever we choose.

If you’re after some free store credit to spend on some gaming goodies, then Sony has you covered with its fun and generous PlayStation Stars rewards program. PlayStation Stars is Sony’s answer to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass quests in which you can earn points by playing games. At least for Xbox Game Pass Quests, those points can be redeemed on competition entries, store credit, charity donations and more.

Check out A Plague Tale: Requiem trailer, available on PS Plus now!

As for PlayStation Stars, by playing and purchasing certain games, you can earn digital collectables (not NFTs) and even free store credit to spend on the PlayStation Store. Granted, it can take a little while to earn enough points to redeem against the £20 voucher, but you’ll certainly acquire the £5 voucher more swiftly. You can level up your PS Stars profile and if you achieve the maximum level, you’ll earn a better Sony customer service experience (we kid you not).

So how do you partake in the PlayStation Stars rewards scheme? You’ll have to sign up to PlayStation Stars and then download the PS mobile app. The points that you can earn range from 50 to 250. Most campaigns will reward you with a free collectable to show off on your display case. You can also redeem points on other digital collectables, but I wouldn't recommend that against bagging yourself free store credit instead.

Each week, new campaigns are added to PlayStation Stars and the easiest to complete are the ones that simply require you to play some of the recent free inclusions in PS Plus whether it be the Essential, Extra or Premium tier. Well, when I said play, all you need to do is fire up the required game to be rewarded with the points. The most recent campaign requires you to boot up the PS Plus Essential titles for January 2024, A Plague Tale: Requiem, Evil West or Nobody Saves the World. Once you’ve booted up either of those games, you’ll earn an easy 50 Star Points.

Partaking on the PlayStation Stars reward scheme is worth doing in my opinion, as I’ve already earned a £20 voucher and I’m currently working on my next. Free money equals happy days!

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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