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PlayStation free store credit available if you play one of these 6 games

PlayStation free store credit available if you play one of these 6 games

PlayStation Plus subscribers can nab some free store credit right now

PlayStation Plus subscribers can get a boost to their credit balance this month by playing one of six games.

Another batch of PlayStation Plus games was announced yesterday, though if none of them took your fancy there are plenty more where that came from, and some of them will reward you with points you can redeem for store credit.

Stellar Blade is out now for PlayStation 5, check it out below

This is of course possible through the PlayStation Stars program, which lets you rack up an account balance that can be spent on a variety of goodies, though the ones you should be looking for are store credit gift cards.

Collecting these points is pretty simple, and usually involves playing specific games for any amount of time, though you also earn them through any in-store purchases.

This month Sony is offering players points for playing a select few PlayStation Plus titles, including Assetto Corsa Competizione, Dead By Daylight, Back 4 Blood, Riders Republic, Outriders and Wreckfest.

Simply load up any one of these games with your PlayStation Plus subscription and you’ll receive 50 points, which isn’t much but every little helps.

I’d personally recommend Outriders if you’re a fan of Destiny 2, as it’s a decent looter-shooter with a good story and plenty of customisation and character build options.

Back 4 Blood is another solid option if you like Left 4 Dead, as it’s created by some of the same developers and was marketed as a spiritual successor.

Finally Dead By Daylight is always a good option for some multiplayer fun, so you can play with your friends and earn points at the same time.

You can also net an extra 50 points if you play one of four PlayStation VR2 titles, including Tiger Blade, Hubris, C-Smash VRS and Stilt.

You’ll have the entire month of May to complete this PlayStation Pus challenge, which is plenty of time to download one, or all, of the selection and give them a go.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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