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PlayStation easy free store credit hack shared by players

PlayStation easy free store credit hack shared by players

Be smart, do the maths

You’ve heard of girl maths and man maths, now it’s time to learn about PlayStation maths. Thankfully, I don’t have to do the heavy lifting with this one, as one player has shared an incredibly useful credit PSA that will save you money time and again.

Most of you will have heard of PlayStation Stars – it’s a loyalty points scheme open to everyone, where you collect points (or stars) whenever you play certain titles or achieve in-game goals. A lot of consoles have similar, with Switch giving you points every time you make a purchase from the Online Nintendo Store. So far, so basic and normal.

Don't sleep on Dredge, even now – go, go watch the launch trailer!

However, the problem with PS Stars is that it isn’t always as money-saving as it appears. Let’s break this down using Dredge as an example, “Dredge is 6250 points, equivalent to £25. 5000 points nets you a £20 store credit. Dredge on the store is £19.99 normally, but currently £15.99 on offer,” explains Gadafo on Reddit.

“Even when it's not on offer, the points conversion still favours grabbing the store credit over the game directly. So basically, a quick PSA to say always do the math when it comes to the points rewards from PlayStation Stars”.

Affirmation from a multitude of other PS users ensued, with all of them championing one piece of advice above all else: opt for PS Store Credit instead. Always. If you need further proof that this is the way, and the only way, listen to darthvirgin, “Pretty sure that there is zero upside to redeeming Stars credits for games instead of PS Store credit, especially when you consider that games go on sale, so PS Store credit will go further.”

However, while this important PSA must be seen by all who worship the PlayStation, it’s worth pointing out that there’s an equally important lesson to be learnt here: “Do not sleep on Dredge. It is an amazing game if you are looking for a more relaxing experience (you play as a fisherman) with slight hints of dread”.

As someone who donned her fishing gear and took to the open waters, I can confirm it has cosy vibes, though I’d argue it isn’t all that relaxing when it comes to dealing with what’s down in the deep… Still, relaxing or not, it’s a cosy horror that will have you reaching for your roll-neck jumper, clutching a cup of hot chocolate, and snuggling down into the blanket fort you just made.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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