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PlayStation drops nearly 450 hours worth of free games

PlayStation drops nearly 450 hours worth of free games

That's a lot of gameplay to get through

January might be the bleakest month of the year for many, but PlayStation is determined to combat the blues we’re struggling with by delivering hundreds of hours worth of free games.

Despite still getting mixed responses from its service users, PlayStation Plus has been delivering in terms of gameplay. If we take the average completion times for all the games added to the PS Plus Extra catalogue, we can see an average of 450 hours worth of gaming.

Have you seen Vampire The Masquerade – Swansong?

Not to sound too much like Owen Wilson, but wow. That’s a lot of hours. Stunning Cyberpunk 2077-style titles and big open-world playgrounds are all waiting for those who’ve been patient and not partaken in all the seasonal sales we’ve been subjected to. And to the gamers who’ve purchased some of the newly added games, we thank you for your sacrifice.

Among the free games is the Resident Evil 2 remake, a game that fans say is a “treat” for anyone yet to play it. “Y’all are in for a treat with RE2,” one fan posted. “So much replayability. For myself, I can’t wait to enjoy Street Fighter for the last couple of weeks of my premium subscription.”

Oh yes, if you didn’t catch that heavy hint, Street Fighter V is also included with PS Plus, alongside The Vampire Masquerade – Swansong and Surviving the Aftermath. As you can see, January’s huge free games drop is nothing short of incredible – maybe 2024 will see PS Plus return to the glory days of old...? We certainly hope so.

Some of the games are already available, but all games will be available to play for free from 16 January onwards. We know life can get in the way of gaming, so try to plan accordingly to not miss out on the 450 hours worth of entertainment waiting for you.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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