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PlayStation 6 concept art absolutely roasted by fans

PlayStation 6 concept art absolutely roasted by fans

This PlayStation 6 concept art is hideous enough to haunt our dreams and is being roasted by fans.

It stands to reason that gamers are wondering what the PlayStation 6 console might look like as we desperately try to take a glimpse into the future.

That being said, if I were able to glimpse into the future, I’d be writing down those Euro lottery numbers so that I can buy a big house for all my gaming goodies and of course, to home the PlayStation 6, whenever that will arrive. Yet, if the PS6 looked like this concept art, I might give it a miss.

Check out the new PlayStation 5 Slim in the trailer below!

Earlier this year, Sony trademarked the PlayStation 6 as well as further generations leading up to the PlayStation 10. However, trademarking console names ahead of time is nothing new, as it future-proofs Sony from anyone claiming the name of one of its products. That being said, if rumours are to be believed, the PS6 could arrive by 2028, but what will the PlayStation 6 look like? Hopefully nothing like this ‘fan-made’ concept image that was shared on Reddit.

“Playstation 6 concept art. What's your opinion?” asked a Redditor kicking off the discussion on the thread for this ‘fan-made’ console, which was greeted with so much roasting that you could season your dry peanuts. For starters, why is this PlayStation 6 console so long? Like seriously, it’s so long that it could replace a hallway skirting board. I also agree with some of the comments below, that this ‘concept art’ does look to be AI-generated.

“This is AI and a really bad one,” replied Flashbek. “Looks ridiculous, massive base, this concept would run 8K at 240fps no doubt by the size of it and would cost £10,000 at least,” said Enigma_Green. “I'm kinda confused at what I'm looking at, lol” joked CatHoodHero. “I don't know, it needs more logos,” exclaimed 1 Gamerer.

Thankfully, if there’s one positive to take from this ‘fan-made’ PlayStation 6 console concept art is that Sony would never bring this monstrosity to life, right?

Featured Image Credit: Tamara Bitter via Unsplash, Sony

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