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PlayStation 5 Pro specs list confirms we're getting a huge upgrade

PlayStation 5 Pro specs list confirms we're getting a huge upgrade

It's the upgrade we want

The much-rumoured PlayStation 5 Pro seems to become a little more real with each passing week. There have been so many rumours and leaks, at this point, all we’re waiting for is Sony to confirm the details.

The Verge recently got their hands on full details of the PlayStation 5 Pro and confirmed that much of what we’ve already heard is true.

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The console is being referred to as ‘Trinity’ behind closed doors and is set to see a major step up for the GPU, while the CPU has a smaller upgrade.

The GPU will see a 45% increase in power which has to be the main event here. Not only will this increase framerates but the hardware will be able to take advantage of improved ray tracing features.

The new CPU will run at 3.85GHz, instead of the usual 3.5GHz - a smaller increase, but developers will be able to choose which setting they prefer to utilise, it has been said.

Memory is another area in which the PlayStation 5 Pro will see a small bump in performance with the RAM running 28% faster.

All in all, the interim console should live up to its ‘Pro’ naming, but we won’t be able to truly decide whether its worth buying new hardware until we see some side-by-side footage.

According to reports, developers are already hard at work creating updates for games that can support the new performance boost, so when Sony is ready to show off the console, we’ll likely get some footage from first-party studios.

One we see Pro trailers for The Last of Us Part 2, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and possibly a bit of Horizon Forbidden West, we can all make up our minds on whether to open our wallets.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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