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PlayStation 5 Pro launching way sooner than we expected, sounds like a beast console

PlayStation 5 Pro launching way sooner than we expected, sounds like a beast console

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The PlayStation 5 Pro is coming way sooner than we expected, and it really does sound like it's going to be the world's most powerful console. This is according to multiple industry insiders who insist the souped-up hardware is right around the corner.

The PS5 Pro rumour mill has really gone into overdrive these past few days. While Sony hasn’t confirmed the PS5 Pro’s existence, various insiders have suggested that it exists, and that it's launching in time for Christmas.

Last week YouTuber Moore’s Law Is Dead posted a video outlining the specs in a leaked document, revealing the console will have a much “higher GPU performance.” It’s also rumoured the PS5 Pro will be 45% more powerful, with a much more advanced GPU and all sorts of enhanced features like improved ray tracing. It's also said to be a much larger machine, which makes sense given all the extra oomph it's packing.

Now, Insider Gaming's Tom Henderson has backed up the latest PS5 Pro reports, claiming the leaked documents are indeed the real deal, and that a Christmas 2024 release date for the console is looking likely. However, he adds that these are tentative plans, and the hardware could end up being pushed into 2025 due to Sony's lack of first-party games this year. No word on price yet, either, but I'd imagine based on the specs the PS5 Pro will cost at least £10. Maybe more. Probably more, in fact.

Personally I could totally see GTA VI being bundled with the PlayStation 5 Pro, but we'll have to wait and see what Sony has in store. Maybe they'll just remaster The Last Of Us again, since they love doing that.

All signs point to an official reveal over summer, so watch this space. We'll keep you posted and update you as soon as we know more.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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