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New PlayStation 5 owners grabbing console for less than $10

New PlayStation 5 owners grabbing console for less than $10

Two savvy shoppers managed to bag PlayStation consoles for just $9 each.

Two Australian gamers recently managed to bag brand new PlayStation 5 consoles for less than $10. It’s hard to believe, but that’s exactly what happened.

To be precise, they actually spent just $9 - that’s Australian dollars. Within the country, a PlayStation 5 could set you back $650 to $799 depending on which model you opt for. It wasn’t a lucky encounter that allowed these gamers to score the deal of the century. Oh no, they played the long game. Both had been saving reward points all year long. The first had been using Woolworths’ Everyday Rewards scheme. As reported by Daily Mail, customers have the option to ‘Bank for Christmas’ allowing their points to accrue until the festive season.

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One of the purchasers, known as Emma, took to the Markdown Addicts Australia Facebook group to write, “A slimline PS5 for $9? Don’t mind if I do.” She then elaborated: “I used the Everyday app to maximise Rewards Points this year.” She added her receipt which listed an $889 bundle which included the new PS5 slim alongside two DualSense controllers. Listed beneath was a redemption of $880 worth of reward points.

The second shopper also bagged a $9 bargain. They managed to get the PlayStation 5 bundle which includes Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, saving an incredible $670. Opting for a similar approach, this user saved reward points via retailer Big W. They said (via Daily Mail), “Today I paid $9 for the PlayStation 5 bundle through Big W. Using $670 points. I still have $190 left to spend on my rewards.”

They continued, “Last year I got a [Nintendo] Switch and a few games completely using rewards points. This year becoming a extra member really benefited my family and doubled that end of year savings.” I guess I need to up my bargain hunting game.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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