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PlayStation 5 owners can earn £283 via new recycling service

PlayStation 5 owners can earn £283 via new recycling service

Playstation 5 owners looking to sell their consoles should check out this amazing recycling deal.

If you’ve decided new-gen console gaming just isn’t for you and want to get rid of your PS5, make sure you get as much as you can via this recycling service offer.

PlayStation and Xbox consoles are incredibly expensive nowadays due to all the top-of-the-line hardware packed into them, and while digital consoles provide a cheaper alternative you’ll still be dropping a pretty-penny to play the latest releases.

One such release is Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth, GAMINGBible’s latest 10/10 game. See our review below!

If you’ve changed your mind about having a PS5 or want to switch over to Xbox or PC gaming instead you’ll be glad to know you can receive up to £283 for your used console.

This is available for UK residents via O2 Recycling, who’ll take your old console off your hands and give you a decent amount of cash for it.

For comparison, trading in a used PlayStation 5 without a box would get you £243 for the disc version, and £93 for the digital version.

Additionally if you have a Nintendo Switch you want to get rid of you can trade that console into O2 for just shy of £100, which is again slightly more than you’d get from CEX depending on the colour of your Switch.

Now might be a better time to trade-in your PS5 than you’d think, as it’s rumoured the PlayStation 5 Pro could be unveiled in the next few months with a launch date around the end of the year.

Sony hasn’t officially confirmed the console’s existence at the time of writing, though industry insiders have said previous leaks have been legitimate.

Whether you simply don’t want your PS5 anymore, or fancy upgrading to a newer model/different platform, don’t miss out on O2 Recycling’s generous trade-in offer.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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