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PlayStation 5 Lord Of The Rings RPG quietly delayed

PlayStation 5 Lord Of The Rings RPG quietly delayed

There goes the precious

It was supposed to be released this week for PlayStation 5, but the latest Lord of the Rings game, Return to Moria, has been delayed.

While it seems to still be making the release date of 24 October on PC, as originally planned, the PS5 timed exclusive window now starts 5 December. This was originally the release date for the physical version of the game. This means it's only the digital version that has been delayed.

Return to Moria is a survival crafting game coming soon to PC and PS5.

Developed by Free Range Games and published by North Beach Games, the game features a fully customisable dwarf clan in a world shaped by your crafting and Lord of the Rings lore.

There will be a very deep character creation system featuring, according to the developer, everything from beards to scars, and personality to voice. It's proving to be a very good option for Lord of the Rings fans.

Set during the fourth age of Middle-Earth, Return to Moria utilises procedurally generated realms, "meaning no two adventures will be alike." The game can be played solo or as part of a team and features lots of mining, which you would expect for a game about dwarves. Players will have to survive "treacherous mines" and craft items while living a full survival experience monitoring food, drink, sleep and temperature.

From the early details of the game, it seems like fans will be able to get lost in Middle-Earth, probably literally, as it is part of the player's role to harvest materials from within the biggest mountains in the land.

The game will be available for Xbox Series X|S in early 2024, so Xbox fans, don't you worry. You'll also get a chance to go mining in the wilds of Middle-Earth.

Featured Image Credit: Sony, New Line Cinema

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