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Your PlayStation 5 games are about to get a major graphics boost

Your PlayStation 5 games are about to get a major graphics boost

PlayStation gamers have a reason to get excited about the PS5 Pro offering a major graphics boost

We all know that Sony will release the highly anticipated PlayStation 5 Pro at some point. It’s not a matter of if but when.

After all, we’ve been reporting on a seemingly endless stream of PlayStation 5 Pro leaks and rumours for months. Ever since the launch of the original PlayStation console, Sony has released at least one iteration of its console during that generation and the PS4 was the first console to receive a Pro version.

Check out the new PlayStation 5 console below!

In most cases, a new PlayStation console would be smaller in size and weight. Last year, Sony released a revised version of the PS5 and while it had no performance improvements it was smaller in size and had a small hard drive boost. However, when the PS5 Pro eventually arrives we can at least expect a slight version design and a boost in terms of visuals and performance.

Other rumours have claimed that the PlayStation 5 Pro will have a hefty price tag with some claiming that it could be as high as £700. That would surely outprice many gamers from the upgrade but hopefully, Sony will make an official announcement in the coming months to put us all out of our misery.

As reported by (via The Verge), Sony has reportedly told developers that it wants to achieve 60 frames per second for its games as well as a graphical boost to meet the criteria of its new “Enhanced” label for the PlayStation 5 Pro.

It’s claimed that the new label will let PlayStation fans instantly know that a game has met a certain high standard and they’ll be playing the best version of that game when using the PlayStation 5 Pro. Depending on the title, Sony intends for enhanced games to achieve a resolution between 1280p and 2160p, preferably with at least 60fps.

However, enhanced games will not always have to reach 60fps to earn the label, because if a game runs at 30fps but is 2160p, it will still earn the label. What’s more, if a game has ray tracing but doesn't increase the frame rate or resolution, it can also earn the label.

Sony aims to achieve the major resolution and framerate boost by using its Spectral Super Resolution (PSSR) technology while upscaling 4K resolution with added 60fps and ray-tracing. Whether all those elements can be achieved in a single game remains to be seen but it does seem that Sony has some flexibility when it comes to earning the enhanced label.

If a game earns the enhanced label it will reportedly be displayed on the packaging of physical copies or displayed on the PlayStation Store page. The PlayStation 5 Pro is expected to be released later this year.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment/Nickelodeon

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