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PlayStation 5 gamers urged to change one setting for instant graphics boost

PlayStation 5 gamers urged to change one setting for instant graphics boost

If you want to give your PlayStation 5 a graphics boost, just change these simple settings.

Any console is a serious financial investment, particularly Sony’s PlayStation 5. If you’ve splashed the cash - whether it be on the original model or the updated PlayStation 5 Slim - you’re going to want to make sure that you’re getting the most out of it.

The PlayStation 5 boasts some excellent first-party games and I’m imagining that you’re going to want to dive into those worlds at the best possible resolution, whether it’s a rain-soaked seattle in The Last of Us Part II Remastered or the bustling metropolis that is New York in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Well, it just so happens that you can give your console’s graphics a major boost by adjusting a few simple settings right now.

The Last of Us Part II Remastered launches tomorrow, on 19 January. Take a look at our review.

This handy tip comes courtesy of YouTuber John Glasscock. First of all, John recommends venturing into your PlayStation 5’s settings and locating the section titled ‘Saved Data and Game/App Settings’. There, journey down to ‘Game Presets’, followed by ‘Performance Mode or Resolution Mode’ and you’re going to want to set the latter, Resolution Mode.

Next up, cycle back until you have the option to enter the ‘Screen and Video’ settings, followed by ‘Video Output Information’. John recommends setting the resolution to automatic, VRR to off, 120 Hz Output to automatic, ALLM to off, 4K Video Transfer Rate to automatic, HDR to On When Supported, Deep Colour Output to automatic, and RGB Range to automatic.

Finally, John advises that you check each game’s settings, looking for various graphics / fidelity modes and making sure these are selected. It goes without saying that by choosing all of the above options, you may be sacrificing frame rates in exchange for higher graphical fidelity, but if we can’t all luxuriate in the graphical prowess of the PlayStation 5 from time to time, we’re doing something wrong.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment, Sony

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