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PlayStation 5 gamers can double controller battery life by changing one setting

PlayStation 5 gamers can double controller battery life by changing one setting

These small changes can make all the difference

Getting a new console can be daunting, especially if it is quite a big upgrade from your previous one. However, people are always willing to share some helpful tips and tricks such as one thing that will save your controller’s battery life.

In the era of wireless controllers, it is easy to forget that they won’t last forever and at one point during your gameplay, the flashing battery icon is going to make an appearance.

Check out the controller in question below!

This is to be expected but with some players reporting that their PlayStation 5 DualSense controllers have quite a short battery life, one user over on r/playstation has shared a possible cause.

In reply to a post asking about “new owner tips & tricks” for the PS5, one user said: “Turn off controller mic and controller speaker, reduce to low or turn off haptic feedback. It will increase battery life by 50%.”

It is obvious that these options won’t be possible if you want to make use of the DualSense features but if not, these tips will be perfect for those who are struggling with its battery life.

Additionally, players can also reduce the brightness on their controllers as well as lowering vibration intensity and trigger effect intensity. Last but not least, there is always the option of playing whilst staying wired up but who wants to do that?

Although these changes won’t have any dramatic effects on the battery’s life, they can still make the difference between an hour or two of that content you are trying to clear in your latest game.

In related news, players have recently been left horrified after discovering they are breaking their PlayStation 5 units by accident.

This follows on from the ongoing argument as to whether the PS5 should be stored vertically or horizontally but with Sony confirming it doesn’t matter, it’s not something to panic about.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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