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A PlayStation 2 classic is finally getting the remaster we've longed for

A PlayStation 2 classic is finally getting the remaster we've longed for

The title was teased on social media

A PS2 game may be being remastered for modern systems by a studio that is known for rereleases and remasters.

The remaster is being teased on X (formerly Twitter) by developer Nightdive Studios, who recently released the remake of beloved action game System Shock, but are mostly known for their history of remastering and rereleasing older titles. Among those titles is Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition and Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster, so the studio has a pattern of remastering classic science-fiction games. Fans will know exactly what to expect later today [Friday 7 June], as the game will be revealed at IGN Live. What this means is that we'll either have gameplay for the title (and an idea of whether anything has changed or not) or a CGI trailer confirming that the title actually exists by the end of the day.

Sony recently revealed upcoming platformer Astro Bot. Take a look at the trailer below.

The Thing was first released in 2002 on the Xbox, PC and PS2, and was developed by Computer Artworks. The title is a squad-based survival shooter horror game that positions itself as a sequel to the original film (which was released in 1982, and directed by famed lover of video games John Carpenter). A sequel to the game was actually once in development, but was cancelled in 2003 when the developer faced financial troubles and went into receivership.

The game, as you might imagine, is all about stopping the titular Thing. There's a system in place that decides whether or not an NPC (players can have up to three NPCs controlled by an AI in their party) actually follows the player character's orders. If they don't, then they simply won't follow his orders, and they're more and more likely to attack the player because they think he might have been replaced by a Thing.

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